Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The promises...

the irony of how things go around and come back as though they have been in a seemed to have taken the journey, but it just get you to the point of where you've started

before we started, i looked at your pictures, wonder how it feels to have you
and now we've ended... i look at the same pictures... still wondering how it feels, to have you, for just one last time

it's just pure torment, to know that you do not have the habit of updating your status, but the silly me still go to your page every other few minutes, hoping that you will update your status, oh well... that is really the best that i could ever get from you right now... since we could not talk like how we used to..

the thought that some one else may be lying beside you in the time to come, , which was where i used to be.. gives me shivers up my spine, just the image it self is enough to draw me to tears...

do not judge if you are reading, because you are not one of us. we had our times, both good and bad... as you see the shinny palace, it's not all made up of gold paint and shinny things... there were cement, stones and rocks and those things that you think that may not be pretty... it's a combination of both side of the spectrum to make a relationship a true and genuine one...

ok, maybe i just have to suck it up and accept the fact....

moving on is like eating bitter vege, it taste bad but it's good for you

i wish you all the best

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cameron Highland - I am Truly Vain

this round, it's going to be something different, i am uploading pictures of my self! ahaha! how rare

i went to Cameron Highland and as usual, procrastinate till real late before we took off, hence arriving at a pathetic 4pm in the afternoon, wasted a good half day =)

we accommodated in Ye Olde Smoke House.. very nice place, perfect for taking picture =p which is the whole purpose of my trip is for..

the name of our suit

looks super awesome! very British feel! and the room is just soooooo comfy!

the the photo shoot session started! just going to preview a few pictures...

so called preparing! ahaha! candid shot but i found it quite nice..

cut me some slack! i know i may not look good, but i did the make up, hair and everything my self and my photographer is not exactly professional! =p

i like the me in the mirror! the real me looks weird.. oh well, wtheck

nice try of talking to the lamp!

i know! what a fat soul! yea! thank you! i know no photoshop and i am proud to say all these pictures are untouched!

that's basically my "wild" look... erm.. it was weird for me, but oh well, everything has it's first try... then moving on to a sweeter look of me... (i told you i am vain!)

erm... captions?

i like this really

this is nice too


the "rainbow" effect in between is natural! like i said, nothing was enhanced or any effects was added

just thought i look slim.. WHAT??!!

innocent? NOT! ahahaha

oh well, that is not just all the pictures i took, just the others may be not as pretty... =)

now you know how the owner of this blog looks like =p

Saturday, October 22, 2011

some one to love...

i always think that women, all of us.. should be treated like a princess by the one we chose. Ever since young we have to go through nasty shits like being treated like guys are more superior than us, they will inherit everything from the parents because they are born with hanging genital.. no offence to you - guys, but i am just saying the fact that women, are often treated as a liability because sooner after the parents paid everything (education, food...) and once these are clear, there wont be anything left... since she will be married to some one else... 

puberty, wonderful period of time when your fucking breast grow and it hurts like mad when you accidentally knock on something, and the fucking best thing about boobs is, they do not fucking grow according to your desire size and as much as you wish that they are bigger, but if you are a A or B... you will be label as flat chest for the rest of your life and i do believe guys DO mind, depends whether more or less... then they will start talking about them... good on ya mate! and and, period! omg!! once a month, 6 days once and that is total disaster! for those who doesn't get period cramp, great! give your awesome uterus a pat on the Fallopian tube (since these tube look like the shoulder and usually people would say "give a pat on your shoulder")... but for those that will literally need to roll on the floor and look like a pale shit vampire for HOURS (no i am not fucking kidding!!)....P.I.T.Y!!! and not only that! shocking your self to wake up in the middle of some sweet dreams just because you felt something flow out and scared it may goes over its boundary... rush the the toilet... if everything is fine, good, get back to sleep, all it was was just INTERRUPTED sleep... but if seriously something were to really goes beyond its boundary! congratulations! you just won your self an awesome time with Dinamo or what ever detergent that you are using to wash pants and worst still! your bed sheet and need to fucking change the bed sheet in the middle of the night! GREAT!!!!!!! how fucking awesome right??!! and nah-ah.. this is not only for a year or two... it could fucking go on for 35 years or more!! some calculation to show the tension... girls spent 6.9 years bleeding!!!! (35 years x 12 months x 6 days)... OMFGosh!!!!!!!!!!!! go slap your fucking self if you are a guy who doesn't respect your mom (unless she did something really nasty!) or to even do not love and pamper your girl friend! seriously! what's wrong with you???!!

the list goes on... child birth, being call a fat =ugly if we grow in size... no one really cares about guys growing side way huh? menopause, sagging boob.... the list would go on and on... 

if you are a female reader, i would love to tell you, girl! you are strong and you should be proud!!! ~ try listening to I am Woman by jordin sparks or who run the world by beyonce!

my point here, girls, you should be loved... but how? go find a guy who loves you more than anything else the world would mean to him, because you absolutely deserves it =D if the guy treats you not that good maybe you should re consider whether he still can cure or not...

girls, remember, you are always beautiful

Friday, October 14, 2011

i am different and i am happy for who I am

this is a round round globe and a big big world...

we have all sorts of races, languages, cultures and upbringings!

value and perception of everyone varies, that is what make us unique!

what is wrong with being different? especially just because i am different from you?

what is wrong when you dare to stand up for what you think is right?

everyone one is different, why hate me when i dare to have my own ways of thinking? if you do not like what you see, you close your eyes and walk away, just like if you are an anti Justin.B person, and you saw a huge ass billboard of him, you know that you do not like him, you can just turn around and go, think of other happy things instead of having JB in your mind all the time tormenting you and wishing you have torn down the billboard but you cant!

i can be super bitchy if i want... but i learn to take a deep breath! chill! hurting back those who hurt me previously will not heal my wounds... but instead, i know how painful it is when the same injury was inflicted... i choose not to hate... like i said

the world is a big and nice place... i chose to be happy... just a tips, maybe you should channel your "dislike" towards me and start loving someone that really need you there.

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