Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The promises...

the irony of how things go around and come back as though they have been in a seemed to have taken the journey, but it just get you to the point of where you've started

before we started, i looked at your pictures, wonder how it feels to have you
and now we've ended... i look at the same pictures... still wondering how it feels, to have you, for just one last time

it's just pure torment, to know that you do not have the habit of updating your status, but the silly me still go to your page every other few minutes, hoping that you will update your status, oh well... that is really the best that i could ever get from you right now... since we could not talk like how we used to..

the thought that some one else may be lying beside you in the time to come, , which was where i used to be.. gives me shivers up my spine, just the image it self is enough to draw me to tears...

do not judge if you are reading, because you are not one of us. we had our times, both good and bad... as you see the shinny palace, it's not all made up of gold paint and shinny things... there were cement, stones and rocks and those things that you think that may not be pretty... it's a combination of both side of the spectrum to make a relationship a true and genuine one...

ok, maybe i just have to suck it up and accept the fact....

moving on is like eating bitter vege, it taste bad but it's good for you

i wish you all the best

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